simple things

Since moving to the Hamptons 2 yrs ago I have made a point of simplifying.. It's a lot easier to do out here than in the big city. I love New York but can't say I miss it...

I'm normally up around 5am as the sun is coming up and I get to enjoy a coffee watching the deer, wild turkey's and at the moment red cardinals doing there thing around my cottage..

This is the time I get to think about the day ahead and how it's important I cherish every minute and make the day as awesome as possible. I'll read a daily meditation and make sure today I stay in the present and not worry about tomorrow, my finances, old age,my health etc..just now.

Today I am off work and I was thinking how it's almost Spring and as bad and cold as Winter was it could of been worse..

Of course part of my mind thinks the days are getting longer but come Summer Solstice (June 21st) the days will get shorter so I better get out there and enjoy every minute..

I'm on day 6 of beard growing.... It's itchy

 Haircut-check....beard-day 6 (this is not me)

Haircut-check....beard-day 6 (this is not me)