Mercedes Benz 560SL 

I managed to buy one of these beauties the end of last summer. Someone suggested I try Ebay and you know what? I found a great car..

It was a process though and I had heard many horror stories while I was looking. I was told to buy a small car at a local dealership..??...small car? me?

But out here in the Hamptons...you ain't getting a deal... I was on a tight budget and the Mercedes Benz 560SL's are a wanted commodity in the summer and are snapped up quick...

My friend Paul suggested I get a Prius...It's still a running joke...especially considering he has a Bentley GT, Ferrari and a Mercedes Benz Gulf wing sitting in his garage.

Aaaanyway...I'd never ever been into Mercedes Benz in fact I always kinda disliked them..But, when I first moved out East a girlfriend of mine kindly lent me her MBSL560 for the summer. It was an 87, champagne gold exterior with a fantastic chocolate brown leather interior...needless to say the roof never went on and I really fell in love with this car. It has a huge engine (aka panzer tank) 8 cylinders so it goes real fast when you put the foot down...and it's German engineering during Mercedes Benz's golden days...

So when it came to buy one for my own I was warned numerous times about buying an old car so I went in knowing full well this could turn into a huge lemon.

What I wanted?

- model year 87-89 this is the last 3 years before they changed the front headlight shape and came out with the boxier model in 90..

-preferable find a car in dry climate, no snow.. snow = salt=rust

-low mileage as possible... the lower the mileage the more you pay though..

-silver, champagne, white or black.... No red, pale blue

- original Becker sound system

- no rust (they have a history of this) 

I found my car in Massachussetts and after numerous calls and emails with the buyer I bought it. I asked a lot of questions and it's scary buying a car from a stranger so I really tried to get to know the buyer. I think she knew how much I would love the car and it was going to a good home... I was all ready to buy it and have it shipped without seeing it but my "Qui-gon Jinn" -(mentor) told me to go up there and see it, drive it, check under the hood and check the brakes..so I did all that it took most of a day but it was well worth it. The hard top has been on all winter but come the end of April (?) I'll be ready to replace it with the soft top then no top...can't wait!