When it comes to design, for me it is a blend of architecture and fashion.

Cecil Beaton was an interesting chap and the legendary photographer was also a three time Oscar winner for his set and costume design.

His images were not just about the woman, or the clothes, they were also about the spaces they inhabit.

In addition to his many (many) other talents, Beaton was an incredible illustrator. His fashion illustrations were particularly sublime because the detail did not end with the clothes, it continued to the room that surrounds the models and depicts the décor in lush detail.

One of the initial inspirations for who the “Halsey” woman came from The Row. Their minimalist palette, clean lines and cozy textures were a reference point and are my key notes for design. As the rooms came together, I wanted to create an artistic extension of my overall vision and asked my friend, the talented designer and illustrator Michael Ward, to create images of Halsey.

Michael is a longtime staple in the fashion world, a designer who’s worked for everyone from Diane von Furstenberg to Burberry. But lately it’s his live sketches of runway shows and his chic new brand The Salting that occupy his time. Below are the two renditions of Halsey that he created for me.

The results are stunning and the perfect blend of all my inspirations.